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Sorry about the delay.

I want to thank you all for joining, and our Inara for jumping in and posting, aaand to apologize for letting this game die before it even started, lol. It was a rather terrible idea for me to try and start a game right before moving back to college, it seems. My computer is currently out of commission due to a hard-drive crash (I'm in a school lab currently), so I can barely keep up with the game I'm *already* in (which you should totally join if you're really in need of some roleplaying - it's extremely active and awesometastic), let alone launch this one. I may come back to this later and attempt to start it again so keep your character journals around, but for now I'm afraid it's on indefinite hold. Again, sorry, and thanks very much for joining. See you in the world!
Inara - Tea?

Opening date extension.

Hey there all, just letting you know that I've pushed the game's opening date back three days to the 25th. This is mainly because my schedule got all switched up and I'll be somewhere with a possible lack of internet access this weekend, and partially because we still have so few players! I'd really like to have a few more to get the ball rolling with - so feel free to tell anyone you think would enjoy it! Also, a note to all unaccepted applicants: please, please try again! We'd love to have you, we just need to make sure we're all on the same page with writing requirements. :) Thanks very much guys, look forward to roleplaying with you in four days time. <3
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Welcome, roleplayers!

Welcome to Temporal Accordance's Out of Character journal. Here you may post anything you so desire - questions about the game, posts trying to get ahold of fellow players, general conversation aimed at getting to know each other better; anything. Play nice with one another and have fun, I look forward to speaking to you all both in game and out!